How it all came about:

 *All breasts are NOT the same, nor do they stay the same


Working at Victoria’s Secret for a number of years, I was astonished at how frequently women purchased new bras, especially at such high prices.

When I asked why they were purchasing so often, one of the top complaints I heard was that they lost support within a few months, if they wore their bras regularly.

Fast-forward a few years later my mother in law began complaining that her bras, although relatively new, no longer provided the right support and lift (clearly we have a very open relationship). Knowing my design background she challenged me to find a solution because she was sick of constantly spending money on new bras.

Instantly my wheels started turning. I spent time drawing and testing and ultimately connected the dots to develop a product that would finally address this need for her and other women.

It is with my utmost pleasure to share TheBreastFriend with women everywhere. I whole-heartedly hope TBF provides each and every one of you with the all day lift, comfort and support you each deserve.            


Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns at or connect via Facebook or Instagram @thebreastfriend


Kindest Regards!

- Chris

Owner and Designer at Trunimiety LLC


TheBreastFriend is a product of Trunimiety LLC – A product design and development company.

This product is Patent Pending.